James 2:16 tells us if you see a need and simply tell the person to be blessed, “what good does that do?”

PROJECT 216 began in 2011 to meet the physical and educational needs of students in Screven County.  This program was created when we began to find out how many students were lacking basic necessities in our own school system.  Children were wearing the same clothes to school every day for months at a time or had to go to I.S.S. (in-school suspension) because of not having proper school T-shirts.  So we decided to do something about it! We are so honored to be able to serve these students and every school in Screven County!

Last year’s PROJECT 216 was a great success. We provided hundreds of school T-shirts, back packs, shoes, school supplies and hygiene products to all three Screven County Schools. We were even able to purchase graduation cap and gown sets for the high school to loan out each year. PROJECT 216 volunteers loaded up these items and delivered them to the schools’ counselors so they could get them to the children who need them most. We also partnered with an existing program that provides meals to kids who would otherwise go hungry on the weekends. This program existed only in the elementary school, and even then there was a waiting list to receive food. Because of generous donations, we were able to expand the program to cover the middle school and get every student off of the waiting list. Project 216 has been able to help students in our community who otherwise would have gone without!

Sadly, the need is just as great this year. Several other organizations and individuals have partnered with us, and we want to invite you to help us meet this year’s goal of $10,000 to purchase supplies and food!  For approximately $25.00 we can provide the needed school items for a typical student.  And for around $20.00/month ($200/school year), we can make sure one student takes home food every weekend.
All gifts are tax deductible and 100% of gifts will go to meeting the needs of children.

Link to news story by local tv station WTOC (CBS)

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